Has the way we shop changed forever?

Think back to 2019 and you'll remember how often we heard the phrase "the high streets are dying" The city centre was getting quieter and the odd empty

store front was becoming the norm.

Fast forward to March 2020, COVID-19 came along and we went into our first lockdown. Every non-essential store closed and many places became a ghost town overnight.

Although we had a brief period of normality before the sudden Christmas lockdown, the majority of 2020 was spent with over 2 billion people making online purchases for everything from day-to-day essentials like food and medicine to gifts and home comforts. During 2020 the investment of time and money into platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram selling, Etsy, EBay & E-commerce websites skyrocketed.

Now let's look at the present.. Stores are able to open and we can all see that the highstreets & retails parks are buzzing with customers.

However, at the same time many people have voiced their opinions on social media announcing that their shopping habits will not be returning to normal anytime soon.

Even with stores being able to open once again, we are still finding new & existing clients putting the work into their e-commerce stores, delivery services and social media selling as opposed to attending markets/fayres.

So, is this rush simply because we've been unable to shop in person for so long and things will eventually plateau again or are we finally seeing the return of the bustling high street? After all, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

We know a lot of us here at Jellybean have changed the way we live over the last year and although we've come to love the convenience of online shopping.. we do miss the interaction with small business owners in the arcades and the general chitchat of day-to-day life.

Do you think that we are now seeing the return of the hustle & bustle of the high street or do you think the way we shop has changed forever?

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